Restored to Health in Bath City (1918)

"Restored to Health in Bath City"
Mt. Clemens, Michigan
January 18, 1918
This is a personal letter from a patron of the mineral baths of Mt. Clemens (link in bio). The baths consisted of the same water that has attracted those in search of true relief for more than a century and now exclusively available through the Vītl Waters product line.
James wrote this letter after being "completely restored to health" from rheumatic inflammatory fever (painful arthritis, swelling, etc) and was a happy customer for over 40 years, travelling every year all the way from Pittsburgh.
Below, the letter is typed out exactly as it was (type)written. One of the very original mineral water testimonials! We love it and we hope you will too.
Mt. Clemens, Michigan
January 18, 1918
My first visit to Mt. Clemens was in 1880. At this time I was sick with Rheumatic Inflammatory Fever and suffered intense pain. I was brought to Mt. Clemens on a cot in a baggage car. On my arrival, which was in the evening, I was immediately given a Mineral Bath in the Medea Bath House and after my bath I was put to bed and slept for two days. Previous to this I had not been able to sleep for ten days on account of the terrible pains I had been suffering.
After three weeks treatment I was able to go home completely restored to health and Have never since been troubled with inflammatory rheumatism.
I actually make a visit to Mt. Clemens every year for a course of the baths as I think this is the finest water in the world and that there is nothing equal to it both for bathing and for internal use.
I have sent a great many people to Mt. Clemens for the baths and have personally known of many wonderful cures that have been performed by these all healing waters.
Very Truly,
James M. Graham,
Hotel Graham"

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