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Vitl Waters® products are made exclusively in Michigan utilizing 600 million year old water from our well in Mt. Clemens. In the 1800's, the well was used as a bath house and hotel, using 34 unique minerals not found any where else in the world. Athletes and celebs traveled from around the world to bathe, rejuvenating their bodies and taking their aches away. Now you can enjoy the same experience in the comfort of your home with Vitl Waters®.

Safe Ingredients

Invest in yourself. Take care of your body. Vitl Waters® products are completely natural using no harmful chemicals. Unlike most pain relief products, we use only ingredients you understand. 

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I've been a neuromuscular therapist for over 15 years. I've worked with all walks of life from professional athletes to manual laborers. Every person with pain has one thing in common and that's a need for relief. I've seen firsthand Vitl Waters ability to provide relief when other methods have failed. Vitl Waters is my recomendation to all body pain sufferers looking for a simple way to find relief.

Matt - Birmingham, MI

I've had terrible menstrual cramps. Nothing ever works well enough. I rubbed Ache Away® gel on my stomach and it was like magic once it soaked in. I truly believe in your products and can't wait to get more!

Amber - Davison, MI

People have been saying I look different lately, "more rested" to be exact. And it makes me smile! I have only been using Vitl Waters Revitalizing Serum and Moisturizer for 6 weeks, and already the dark circles under my eyes have started to lighten. I can only imagine what transformation I will make in 6 months!

Beverly - Bloomfield Hills, MI