The Benefits of Taking Time Out
For A Foot Soak

"Warms the blood, and the soul!"

An At-Home Foot Soak Can:

  • Increase Immune System Health
  • Significantly Reduce Anxiety & Stress 
  • Increase Blood Flow & Circulation
  • Soften & Beautify Your Feet

All you need to enjoy a rejuvenating at-home foot bath is:

  • A Medium-Sized Container Big Enough For Both Feet
  • A Comfortable Chair To Sit In
  • Vītl Waters Ache Away Bath Salts
  • Warm Water, A Towel & A Wooden Spoon
  • Vītl Waters Restorative Therapy Water - For An Enhanced Soaking Experience (Optional)
  • Essential Oil(s) - For An Enhanced Soaking Experience

Fill your container with warm water, stir in Bath Salts and/or Restorative Therapy Water and essential oils and stir. Soak your feet in the warm water while seated in a comfortable spot where you can enjoy your at-home foot soak for 15-20 minutes or more. Keep a towel handy for your feet after the soak.

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