Vītl Waters® Restorative Therapy Water

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Vītl Waters® Mineral Water is renowned for its remarkable properties.  This soothing, therapeutic mineral water can be used for soaking the body within a tub or just hands or feet within a metal or glass container.  Countless testimonials, spanning more than a hundred years, lend credence to the water’s mineral-based formulation that helps ease physical discomforts and stress. Lightly scented, with natural essential oils, to enhance the soaking experience. 


Vītl Waters® Mineral Water, Lavender Oil, Vanilla Oil


  • Soothing and relaxin
  • Infused with calming aromatic natural scents to enhance relaxation
  • Unique 34-mineral formulation

How To

Fill tub with warm to tepid water.  As the tub fills, gently pour one-quarter of the bottle’s contents throughout the bath water.  Soak for 20 minutes.  Use daily or weekly, depending on the reduction of discomfort.  When soaking hands or feet, add enough Vītl Waters® Mineral Water to cover the afflicted body part.  Soak for 20 minutes daily or weekly.  A compress, soaked in the Vitl Waters mineral water, can also be effectively utilized.  Put compress on the area of discomfort for 20 minutes.  Repeat daily or 2 – 3 x per day, depending on discomfort level.

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